Food Safety Compliance

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is a statutory body under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. The Food Safety and Standards Act (FSS), 2006 is the primary law for regulation of food products. This act also sets up the formulation and enforcement of food safety standards in India.

Under the Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and registration of Food Businesses), Regulations 2011, while prescribing hygiene and sanitary conditions as a pre requisite to both registration and licensing of FBOs, it is also stated that the FBOs encouraged to go for implementation of HACCP.

The regulations states:

“…These are the basic – compulsory requirements for ensuring safety of the food manufactured in any premise and FBOs shall continuously try to improve the sanitary and hygienic conditions at the premises with a goal of attaining India HACCP standards within a – previously determined period…”

Regulatory issues are a key area of concern for both investors and trade in food businesses. To ensure transparency, consistency and predictability of business environment, the food regulatory ecosystem has to be based on the principle of One Nation, One Food Law. This requires two things- a nationwide law plus consistent implementation of this law in every part of the country. A uniform national law, the Food Safety and Standards Act,is now in place. However, despite a single nationwide Act, implementation across individual states and UTs remains fragmented and inconsistent, which has been an area of deep concern.

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